First level degree in Computer science
Splitting among two parallel courses for new students
Course A     students with EVEN student code (i.e. 390220)
Course B     students with ODD student code (i.e. 390221)

Rules for students enrolled to second and third years

Students enrolled to the second and third years remain in the course of the previous year

Rules for changing courses

It is possible to pass to a different parallel course by presenting a written request to the Didactic Unit of the Department of Computer Science from October 1st to October 7th.

Only requests that do not significantly alter the number of participants in the courses will be accepted (therefore it is recommended to submit paired applications agreed among twostudents who apply for exchanging courses between themselves and who have passed the same fundamental exams).

Those who get the change of course approved must submit their student booklet at the counter of the Didactic Unit by the date which will be communicated, in order to get the stamp of the change of course.

Approved changes of course

Changes of courses approved since 2007/2008