As stated by the University teaching rules (article 27 and article 23, 8th paragraph) two extra sessions are planned, reserved to the following students:

  • Employed/workers
  • Students already enrolled for a number of academic years larger than the official year number of academic years for the program (“fuori corso”);
  • With sons less than 8 years old
  • On maternity leave
  • enrolled in single courses of transition

In order to be admitted to the extra sessions the students must:

  1. Present a declaration where they state they belong to one of the above mentioned classes (Employed/workers; With sons less than 8 years old; On maternity leave; enrolled in single courses of transition)
    • the declaration must be presented from September 1st to October 31 for the first extra session (form available on the WEB Word, pdf)
    • from February 1st to March 31 (form available on the WEB  Word, pdf)

either in paper at the didactic unit of the Department of Computer Science, or by sending a scanned copy by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  1. Register to the extra session (visiting the page with the exam and mid term exam calendary and contacting the teacher directly for the exams not listed in those pages Appelli di esame e prove di verifica intermedia) explicitly stating the intention to attend the exam as "appello straordinario" (extra session) by the 18 of October 2019 (for the first extra session) or by the 13 of March 2020 (for the second extra session). Please take into account that the deadline for presenting the declaration elapses after the deadline to register to the extra session.