• Q: How do I know if I'm interested in a teaching unit without trying to attend it?
    A: Reading the description of the teaching unit reported in the Web site for teaching, and possibly asking for further information directly to the lecturer of the course.
  • D: Suppose I present my proposal for study plan and it is approved. If a few months later for some reason I decide to change something, could I submit a new proposal?
    A: Yes, but only in the period dedicated to the presentation of proposals for study plans.
  • D: But then I must carefully fill my proposal to the curriculum?
    A: Yes.
  • D: But you can still submit a proposal for a study plan "not recommended"?
    A: Yes. Unlike the "Recommended" study plan however, the other proposals are not approved "automatically" but must be analyzed by the Council of Study programme.
  • Q: But why the proposed study plan must be submitted only at the beginning of the year?
    A: To enable the Council of Study Programme to rationalize the teaching programme of the following year.