Internship/training proposals must be presented by companies/institutions at regional and national levels, and by professors, technicians, or University administrative personnel by using the link below and electronically submitting the appropriate form which describes the characteristics of the project and the prerequisites required. The company/institution which for the first time wishes to present a training proposal must have a special agreement with the Department of Computer Science, with the Faculty of Sciences mm.ff.nn. or with the University of Pisa.

For students in class 26, the internship/training can have a value of 12 or 18 university credits (CFU), corresponding to a duration, respectively, of about 300 or 450 hours of work in total.

For students in class L-31, the internship/training is worth 12 university credits (CFU), corresponding to a duration of about 300 hours of work in total.

During the internship/training period the student is followed by one or two tutors.

In order to carry out the project, the student must be enrolled in the third year and must have a maximum of 18 credits (excluding the project) of exams still to be completed. To apply for internships, the student can consult the project register, choose the proposals of personal interest and contact the proposers (company/institution or teacher/technician) by e-mail. They should enclose a brief curriculum in which their interests are summarised together with any additional knowledge and request a personal interview. At the end of the interview the student and the proposer have the possibility to sign the acceptance document of the internship/training.