Francesco Potortì, Paolo Barsocchi and Michele Girolami, researchers at the WNLab group of CNR-ISTI, Pisa, led by Erina Ferro, have organised the fifth edition of the international EvAAL competition (Evaluation of Ambient Assisted Living systems).

EvAALThe competition was hosted by the international IPIN conference in Banff, Canada, from 13 to 16 October 2015. The aim of EvAAL is to measure the performance of indoor localisation systems, that are usable in offices, hospitals or big public buildings. The fifth edition has attracted 10 teams from Poland, Korea, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and Germany and allowed the participants to test their localisation solutions with rigorous procedures exploiting the complex structure of the Banff Centre, a multi-floor, multi-building complex immersed in Canada's mountain woods. The competition ended with the awarding of three prizes: smartphone-based localizations (You Li, University of Calgary), foot-mounted localisation (Hojin Ju, University of Seul) and offline localization based on the analysis of recorded Wi-Fi signals (Adriano Moreira, University of Minho). The winners received two 2000$ prizes, two paied invitations to hold a series of seminars at the ETRI research institute, our sponso from Korea, and an additional 500$ prize. More information on the international competition at Follow us on twitter: @EvAAL_Comp