Title: Security at work

Lecturer: Prof. Luca Viganò



In the Internet of Services (IoS), systems and applications are no longer the result of programming components in the traditional meaning but are built by composing services that are distributed over the network and reconfigured and consumed dynamically in a demand-driven, flexible way. However, composing services leads to new, subtle and dangerous, vulnerabilities due to interference between component services and policies, the shared communication layer, and application functionality.
I will present the AVANTSSAR Platform and the SPaCIoS Tool, two integrated toolsets for the formal specification and automated validation of trust and security of applications in the IoS at design time and run time, respectively. Both toolsets have been applied as a proof of concept on a set of security problem cases drawn from industrial and open-source IoS application scenarios, thereby paving the way to transferring project results successfully to industrial practice and to standardization bodies and open-source communities.
I will present also a number of particular results that have been obtained in the AVANTSSAR and SPaCIoS projects, such as previously unknown attacks, compositionality results, novel attacker models and techniques for efficient security verification and testing.


May 27 - June 5
Sala Seminar Ovest 11-13
(additional 4h t.b.a.)