Title: Logic, Sets, and Graphs

Lecturer: Alberto Policriti

Period: 15/16/17/18/19 and 22/23/24 September

Sala Seminari Est: 9-11

The main goal of the course will be to build the logical and combinatorial prerequisites to present the recent decidability result relative to the Bernays-Schoenfinkel-Ramsey (BSR) class in Set Theory. We will start from the basic notions relative to the classical decision problem in Logic and discuss the celebrated Ramsey theorem, its historical motivations, and hint at some applications. The approach will consist in a construction, from elementary notions, of the material and ideas leading to the solution of the combinatorial difficulties related to the BSR class in Set Theory. The path will explore links between Set Theory and Graph Theory. This connection will be further discussed in the final part of the course.