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Assistive technologies

 organized by Susanna Pelagatti, Stefano Chessa, Alexander Kocian.

The series of seminars covers technologies for the assistance and support of the elderly or disabled in the home and workplace, and is inspired in particular to the program Research on Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) promoted in Europe.
Assistive technologies, and among them those of the AAL, affecting various aspects ranging from the creation of hardware devices, management of sensors and actuators, analysis of the data for determining the user's context, realization of software platforms for services etc.
The series of seminars will be introduced by two seminars that will present the problem in general and the platform for the development of AAL applications and a seminar that will present the application to specific problems.

The expected date of the beginning of the seminars is January 22, and will provide seminars weekly, every Thursday at 11.


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