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C. Dittamo & E. Zarinelli List

C. Dittamo & E. Zarinelli List
Mon, 16. February 2015, 15:00 h
Sala seminari Ovest - Dipartimento di Informatica
fACTORY seminars


Cristian Dittamo got the PhD in Computer Science in 2010. During his PhD he has worked to the design and the development of a library for expressing parallel aspects of architectures at Virtual Machines level of abstraction by using metadata, and a compiler for translation of MSIL to NVidia PTX code, leveraging those metadata. He is full time software architect at the LIST SpA where he worked on the design and implementation of parallel realtime trading algorithms, efficient (lowlatency) and reliable libraries for electronic markets. He is part of GBGLab, a research laboratory that designs/develops/tests innovative highperformance solutions for the financial industry.

Elia Zarinelli obtained the Ph.D. in theoretical physics at University of Paris Sud XI in January 2012. The main subject of his academic research is the physics of disordered system and econophysics. After the graduation he joined the research and development division of LIST S.p.A. in Trieste. He collaborated with QUANTLab, a quantitative finance research laboratory aimed at providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by traders, regulators and exchanges in the evolving area of nowadays electronic trading. He applied complex systems techniques to the market microstructure analysis and the evaluation of market impact.


Sala seminari Ovest