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Online Data Integration Network, F. Pitto

Online Data Integration Network, F. Pitto
Thu, 26. March 2015, 15:00 h
Sala seminari Ovest - Dipartimento di Informatica
fACTORY seminars


Along with  the  expansion  of  Open Data  and according  to  the  latest  EU directives  for  open  access,  the attention of  public  administration,  research  bodies  and business is on web publishing of data in open format. However, a specialized search engine on the datasets, with similar role to that  of Google  for  web  pages,  is  not  yet widespread.  The seminar will present the Online Data Integration Network (ODINet)project,  which  aims  to  define  a new  technological  framework for  access  to and  online  dissemination  of  structured  and heterogeneous data through innovative methods of cataloging, searching and  display of  data  on  the  web. In  the presentation  we will focus on the semantic component of our platform, emphasizing how  we  built  and  used ontologies.  We will  further  describe  the Social Network  Analysis  (SNA) techniques  we exploited  to analyze it and to retrieve the required information. A demo of the search engine will be shown during the seminar and its peculiarities will be discussed with the participants.


Sistemi Territoriali S.r.l. is a company founded in 1991 as a spin-off of the Italian National Council of Research (CNR), with the objective of providing consulting and professional services to public sector and private companies in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Business Intelligence Systems (BI). The company, located in Cascina (Pisa, Italy), is a Business Partner of ESRI and Silver Partner of SAS Institute, market leaders respectively for the GIS and BI solutions. Over the years the business skills have been expanded to geomarketing and to highly topical issues such as big data and open data.Sistemi Territoriali S.r.l.  has always worked in close collaboration with the academic world, from which the founders come from, and with research institutes. This cultural proximity has fostered the creation of a research and development laboratory within the company, that has generated over the years many innovative products in different areas.


Sala seminari Ovest