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Modeling Techniques

Modeling and Analysing Variability in Product Families

organized by Stefania Gnesi, ISTI CNR, Pisa

Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) is a paradigm for developing a diversity of software product and software-intensive systems based on the underlying architecture of an organisation’s product platform. In the context of software Product Lines (SPLs) the introduction of variability in the software development cycle has been extensively studied.

Modelling variability in product families has been studied extensively in the literature on SPLs, especially that concerning feature modelling. Formal methods have been developed to show that a product belongs to a family or to derive instead a product from a family. The formal underpinnings of a modelling and analysis framework for the specification and verification of variability in product families is presented addressing variability at the behavioural level by modelling the family behaviour by means of a modal Transition System. Based on model checking tchniques for a logic suitable to express properties over MTSs, a modelling and verification framework will be presented.


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