Research interests

The group members share interests in the different areas, all related somehow to parallelism, including:

  • parallel programming models
  • structured parallel programming
  • algorithmic skeletons
  • parallel design patterns
  • autonomic computing
  • formal tools for parallel programming
  • rewriting techniques for parallel programming
  • efficient communication mechanisms
  • parallel functional programming
  • software components


  • Formerly in the group:

Cooperations (principal)

  • Peter Kilpatrick, Queen's Univ. of Belfast (ParaPhrase, formal tools for parallel programming)
  • Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, Cloud Competence Center Dublin (ParaPhrase, algorithmic skeletons)
  • Kevin Hammond, Univ. of St Andrews (ParaPhrase, parallel program refactoring)

Active Projects

Recent Projects

  • GridCOMP (2006-2009), EU FP6 STREP
  • CoreGRID (2005-2008), EU FP7 NoE
  • S-Cube (2008-2012), EU FP7 NoE

Current products

  • FastFlow, an open source, structured parallel programming framework on top of C++/PThreads