Industrial collaborations

  • ACER Europe (Centro IT)
  • Bassilichi (Ferragina, Frangioni)
  • CAT Confesercenti (Gervasi)
  • ENEL (Baiardi)
  • Galileo Research (Pisanti)
  • LIST (Vanneschi)
  • Maior (Frangioni)
  • Mentore (Gervasi, Frangioni)
  • Microsoft (Cisternino, Centro IT)
  • Monkey Cube (Gervasi)
  • RTI Net7 - Studio Flu - Spazio dati (Ferragina)
  • Synthema (Attardi)
  • Up Link (Attardi)


  • Device and process for localization,  in particular of nesting sites and sinmilar. Provisional, authors R. Barbuti, G. Anastasi, S. Chessa, A. Micheli.
  • US Patent No. 8,156,156 dal titolo "Method of structuring and compressing labeled trees of arbitrary degree and shape", 10 April 2012, autori P. Ferragina, F. Luccio, G. Manzini, S. Muthukrishnan, owner Università di Pisa e University di Rutgers.
  • Provisional US Patent on "System, methods and computer-accessible mediums for utilizing pattern matching in stringomes", authors P. Ferragina e B. Mishra, January 2013. Owner University of New York.


Pulse Screenshot BioBeats.The BioBeats,with the app "Pulse", is to acquire the heart beats of the user and to generate music in real time, syncronized with the heart. BioBeats was born fron a long standing collaboration between Davide Morelli, PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, and David Plans. The company profile is international. It is located in California, where contacts with investors and business development in the entertainment field take place, has a team in London, to manage development in the medical area, plus a development team in Pisa.