In order to publish a new technical report with UnipiEprints you need to follow a procedure in two steps.

  1. Preparation of the PDF of the Technical Report (follow the link for instructions on how to add a standard cover)
  2. Insertion of the TR into UnipiEprints

Insertion of the TR into Unipi-Eprints

  • Connect to UnipiEprints:
  • Create a UnipiEprints account and login once registered (top-left of the page).
  • You will be requested to provide some meta-data for the new report, in different pages. Follow the instructions below:
    • First page (Type):
      • Item-type: Book
    • Second page (Upload):
      • Upload the PDF (this step can be postponed). After upload you will see these fields: Content, Description, Visible, License
      • Visible: Yes
      • License: Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial - No Derivative Works, 3.0
      • The other fields can be left empty.
    • Third page (Details)
      • Insert title and abstract
      • MonographType: TechnicalReport
      • Insert authors (as creators)
      • Refereed: no (typically)
      • Status: Published/In press/Submitted/Unpublished  as appropriate
      • Date: insert year and month
      • Place of publication: Pisa, IT
      • Editor: University of Pisa
      • Series Name: Technical Report del Dipartimento di Informatica
      • Volume: TR
      • Number: leave empty
      • Official URL:
      • The other fields can be left empty.
    • Fourth page (Subjects)
      • Area 01: Scienze matematiche e informatiche
    • Deposit: if everything is correct the TR is published after a revision of the meta-data performed by the UnipiEprints staff; as soon as approved the TR shows automatically also in the TR we page of the Department (