DTU - Technical University of Denmark - is pleased to invite students from Universitá di Pisa to participate in the Green Challenge (Danish: GRØN DYST) student conference and competition at DTU in the summer of 2017.

The Green Challenge will take place Friday, 23 June 2017

 DTU would like to offer up to 5 of your students to participate in one of the programmes outlined below:

  • 2 day programme leading up to the conference: For those interested in a short term stay, DTU will offer a two day social programme with activities leading up to the day of the student conference. Activities will include an introduction to studies and student life at DTU, a workshop on how to pitch a project and sight-seeing in the Copenhagen area. DTU will pay for food and accommodation.
  • 3 week course and students conference: Students who are interested in a longer stay are invited to participate in one of DTU’s 3 week courses in preparation for the student conference. The 3 week courses are intensive 5 ECTS credit courses that take place in the beginning of June leading up to the student conference. Our housing office will provide accommodation at the students own expense.

DTU greatly appreciates the relationship with Universitá di Pisa, and Universitá di Pisa´s students participation in the Green Challenge would be a great way to further strengthen our collaboration and to showcase student driven innovation and sustainable engineering solutions – a strong point of focus at DTU.

How to sign up:

There are two important deadlines when signing up for the Green Challenge:

  • May 15 – the deadline to register, if you wish to participate in the social programme
  • May 17 – the final deadline for all registrations as well as uploads of abstracts.

NB!: We recommend all students to sign up within May 15 – so that you have a few days to get assistance in case you run into any technical problems.

To sign up for the Green Challenge: https://conferencemanager.events/greenchallenge2017/sign-up.html

Information about how to register: http://www.groendyst.dtu.dk/english/for-students/how-do-i-register

Please read more at www.groendyst.dtu.dk.