PhD news

The Convecs team of Inria and LIG is offering a post-doctoral position.

For more information see:

Inria / LIG - Convecs, Inovallee 38334 St-Ismier Cedex,
FRANCE Tel: (+33) 4 76 61 53 52, Fax: (+33) 4 76 61 52 52

PhD student
Date Time Room
Rossetti 13-Dec 12.15 seminari Est
Bartoloni 16-Dec 11.00 seminari Est
Girolami 16-Dec 12.00 seminari Est
Cintia 16-Dec 13.00 seminari Est
Guidi 16-Dec 15.00 seminari Ovest
Basile 17-Dec 10.00 seminari Est
Micale 17-Dec 11.00 seminari Est
Zenzaro 17-Dec 12.00 seminari Est
Triolo 18-Dec 9.30 seminari Est
Canciani 20-Dec 9.30 seminari Est

The vacancy announcement [the post of Director of the UNU-IIST] was advertised from 19 November 2013 with a closing date of 15 January 2014. Please see link below, as well as the attached vacancy announcement and leaflet.

The Systems Security Group (SSG) at the IMDEA Software Institute lead by Dr. Juan Caballero is offering one Ph.D. or post-doctoral researcher position on Network Security and Malware/Cybercrime Analysis.