Title: Perspectives in parallel programming

Lecturer: Marco Danelutto, Dipartimento di Informatica


 May 13, 11-13, Seminari W
 May 15, 11-13, Seminari W
 May 22, 11-13, Seminari W

(the schedule of the next lectures will be decided on May 13)

The course will introduce several programming environments used to implement parallel applications on modern parallel architectures. A detailed introduction of the available structured parallel programming environments will be given. Optimization problems relative to different non functional concerns (performance, power management, fault tolerance) will also be described and typical experiences in different applicative domains will be discussed. Overall, the course will give the student a good perspective on the kind of problems to be solved when tackling the efficient programming of (massively) parallel systems as well as a basic knowledge relative to state-of-the-art parallel programming frameworks.

Slide course: