Graph is a service C++ class for MMCF-type problem solvers. Its main features are:

Graph is a single C++ class: its header Graph.h is extensively commented, and the whole code is thought to be self-explainatory. The class Graph defines a set of public data types to allow the user to choose the type (integer or floating-point) and the precision of the numbers (costs, flows, indices, ...).

Graph is thougt to be used with (MMCF)-solvers: however, a useful application is already provided within the package. The file Convert.C implements a many formats -> MPS converter, that is capable of dealing with most (but not all) of the formats used in the web page of the (MMCF)instances. A document describing the formats is also provided.

Current version of Graph is: 2.01 Current date is: May 5, 2012

The current version of Graph can be downloaded here. An older version is available at the CRIFOR web site.