Home page of the Network Monitoring research project

The CoreGRID project, funded by the European Union, has the purpose of enhancing the collaboration between distinct research institutes around Europe, which share a common interest for technological research in Grid Computing (see also CoreGRID home page).

The quite extended field of Grid Computing has been divided into 5 partially overlapping regions, the Virtual Institutes (formerly Work Packages), that serve as containers for the research activities of the institutes participating to CoreGRID. Research activities must be the result of a collaboration between several participant institutes, and are periodically evaluated by a Scientific and an Industrial board.

Within Virtual Institutes each collaboration is aggregated in a Research Project, that is characterized by a quite specific research target.

This Web page contains describes the Network Monitoring research project, which raises from the collaboration between the INFN-CNAF and FORTH, is part of the Virtual Institute of Grid Information, Resource and Workflow Monitoring Services.

Our research objective is the role played by Network Monitoring in a Grid system. Here is a concise description of our view, which is exhaustively described in the CoreGRID reports:

The activity of the group was also reported in a number of research papers.

The interface between the Workflow Manager and the Network Monitoring framework is a sensible component, that must describe many facets of the Network Monitoring activity. Its description raised the interest of the Network Monitoring Working Group of the OGF, and was presented during OGF20 meeting. Here are the slides of the talk given in Manchester in May 2007.

We have recently completed the implementation of the components of our framework, supported by the master thesis of Yari Marchetti. The operation of our network monitoring framework has been successfully demonstrated during the "CoreGRID Showcase", during the 23rd Open Grid Forum. Here you can find what you need to implement your own deployment.

Augusto Ciuffoletti