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keywords: cloud interoperability, distributed computing, self-stabilization, clock synchronization, resource monitoring.

As a research associate of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), in recent years I participated to the European Union CoreGRID FP6 project with the leadership of the Network Monitoring project, in collaboration with the FORTH Institute in Crete (Greece), and to the European FP7 project OGF-Europe. I am currently involved in the FP7 ERCIM CoreGRID Working Group, and in the OCCI-WG of the Open Grid Forum. The left frame lists relevant presentations given in recent years; some of them are also available from my account on Slideshare.

My bibliography is indexed in the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies and in CiteSeer.ist. On top of the left frame there are links to updated lists of my publications: most papers are downloadable.

I tend to turn into running toys the ideas that I work out and publish as theoretical papers. The following is an incomplete list of such pieces of work:

  • Toutatis (formerly Syd): a clock synchronization deamon that runs as client of a standard NTP server, and obtains extra accuracy. Based on joint work with Gianluigi Alari. State: finished in 1997.
  • Java Syd: same as above, implemented in JAVA for achieving cross-platform portability. Implemented during a sabbatic at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley. State: finished in 1998.
  • NWSip: an Information Provider in the MDS-style to import network performance measures from Wolski's Network Weather Service into the Datagrid ftree. State: finished in 2002.
  • Netprobe: measures one-way path performance without need of an accurate clock synchronization. Early results at PAM2002. State: deployed (see below).
  • GlueDomains: not exactly a toy. A network monitoring infrastructure, included in the italian LCG release. Embeds JA-meter (ex Netprobe) as one of the monitoring tools. State: deployed in 2005.
  • gd2 testbed: a proof of concept of an innovative network monitoring infrastructure. Based on ideas arised within the Network Monitoring research group of CoreGRID, and implemented in a prototype by Yari Marchetti. State: demo in 2008 (during OGF23 in Barcelona).
  • the Wandering Token project: a proof of concept of a distributed coordination scheme based on a token "wandering" in the Internet. Published on Future Generation Computer Systems, experiments done in collaboration with University of Paris, FORTH in Greece, INFN-CNAF in Italy.