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Massimo Coppola,
Dipartimento di Informatica,
Università di Pisa and ISTI - CNR

My current address is here
Phone:   (+39) 050 221 27 65
Fax:   (+39) 050 221 27 26

mailto:coppola AT 
mailto:Massimo.Coppola AT

Danno alla Persona Open Source

Applicazione Java Open Source per il calcolo del danno alle persone nelle controversie legali. Prodotto del tirocinio di Matteo Tiberio e Lorenzo Piangatello.

Open source Java application to evaluate the compensation of personal injuries in court.

CBHPC 2008 - Component-Based High Performance Computing

Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN, held as part of COMPARCH2008, October 14-17, Karlsruhe, Germany.

CCP 2007/2008

Corso di Complementi di Calcolo Parallelo e Distribuito, secondo semestre.

Nuove prospettive per l'open source:
la strategia francese e quella europea

Registrazione video del seminario di Roberto Di Cosmo del 19/2/2007.

Welcome to my home page !
I am a researcher at the ISTI-CNR with the High Performance Computing and Parallel Processing Research Group, and I collaborate with the Parallel and Distributed Architectures and Programming Languages Research Group here at the C.S. Dept. of the University.

I am currently working within a Research Fellowship with CNR ISTI on the European Project XtreemOS (Building and Promoting a Linux-based Operating System to Support Virtual Organizations for Next Generation Grids).

My interests include Parallel Algorithms for Data Mining, Computational Grids, Parallel Programming Languages and architectures for High Performance Computing.

Older News

HPC-GECO/CompFrame Workshop 2007

Co-located with OOPSLA'07, October 21-25, Montréal, Canada.

CCP 2006/2007

Corso di Complementi di Calcolo Parallelo e Distribuito, secondo semestre.

AE 2006/2007

Corso di Architettura degli Elaboratori, primo semestre.

HPC-GECO/CompFrame Workshop

Co-located with HPDC-15, 19-20 June 2006, Paris.
Slides from the workshop presentations and pictures are available.

No war. Not in my name.
No war. Not in my name.