QAPL'01 Call for Papers

Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Laguages

Satellite to Principles, Logics, and Implementations
of high-level programming languages, PLI'01
September 3 - 7, 2001 -- Firenze, Italy
sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN

Preliminary Program


The majority of approaches in program semantics and analysis are arguably concentrated on qualitative investigations of the  various computational properties. As a result, some aspects of computation are neglected, which are of a quantitative nature. Such aspects are nevertheless important and sometimes essential in determining the behaviour of systems. As an example, issues related to resource consumption (storage, time, bandwidth, etc.) cannot be ignored when systems of interacting, competing or cooperating processes are considered.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss appropriate models of programming languages, which are able to capture various quantitative aspects of computation.  Such models could form the base of new approaches in semantics and program analysis and their investigation will hopefully not just allow for a better understanding of programs behaviour (e.g. how agents compete for a limited resource), but also help to establish connections with related complexity theoretic questions. We think of probabilistic languages and real-time languages as of two important prototypical examples of quantitative models. We nevertheless would like to encourage contributions covering other and/or more general quantitative aspects in the design, analysis and implementation of programming languages, with particular emphasis on the functional and declarative paradigms.

Topics  include (but are not limited to):

        Probabilistic Aspects
        (Real) Time Aspects
        General Quantitative Aspects
        in relation to
Language design,
Abstract Interpretation,
Language extension,
Coordination models,
Language expressiveness,
Distributed systems,
Performance analysis
Program analysis,

Invited Talk:


Submitted papers should be at most 12 pages in A4 format. The use of the ENTCS style files is strongly recommended.
Submissions should arrive by June 18, 2001.
Authors will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their papers by July 16, 2001.
Final versions of the accepted papers must be received in camera-ready and electronic form by August 27, 2001.

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Informal proceedings will be published as a technical report and made available during the workshop.
A selection of the papers presented at the workshop are published in Volume 59, Issue 3, 2002 of Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science.


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