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     Web of On-line Dictionaries
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Multiple Dictionary Search Engines

     One-Look Dictionary-Search 222 general and specialized
      English dictionaries simultaneously.

     WordBot-Search words in your documents from English
      or foreign-language dictionaries.

     Collins Cobuild Student's Dictionary
     includes definitions, illustrations, sounds (indexed Jun 21 1998)
     Thanks to Sprachwissenschaftliches Institut of Ruhr-Universität
     Bochum and Collins

Thesauri and Other Vocabulary Aids

     CMU Pronouncing Dictionary


Dictionary of English (Vancouver)

     Bibliomania--search for words in a growing list
      of more than 50 novels

     Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
      Synonym Dictionary of English

     WordNet On-line (English words organized in synonym sets)

     The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus

     WWWebster Thesaurus

     WWWebster(TM) Dictionary, based on Merriam-Webster's
     Collegiate(R) Dictionary, 10th Edition
      The Newbury house Online Dictionary

Multilingual Dictionaries

     Alta Vista's Multilingual Translator

     ECHO Eurodicautum: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French,
     German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish (all directions)

     Multilingual `Computer Dictionary: English, 3, Finnish, French

     The Internet Dictionary Project
     Download based on words and definitions contributed by visitors.

     The LOGOS Dictionary (7,350,240 entries in 43 languages at last count)
     Language Dictionaries and Translators

An Index of Dictionary Indices

      Language Identifier

        American Sign Language
     COLIBRI Dictionary Index

     Dictionaries and Translators

     Encyberpedia - Dictionary & Glossary

     LINGUISTICS (Virtual Library) Index of Dictionaries

     On-Line Dictionaries (Stuttgart University)

     On-Line Dictionaries and Glossaries (Mirror)

     University of Bologna Index of Dictionaries

     Virtual Library Index of Dictionaries and Corpora

     Yahoo Dictionary Index

      AltaVista Dictionary Index