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My research interests are in programming methods and systems and in software engineering. Lately I have been focussing on process-centred environments, and more in general on cooperative work support in the software process. My current work is buiding on the experience with Oikos - a modelling notation, an enactment language and a process engine, based on the multiple tuple space paradigm. Oikos demonstrated the feasibility of a logical description of the enactable model, but also highlighted the need of higher levels of representation to support the refinement method that it advocated. Laura Semini's PhD thesis provides the formal background for the use of a suitable temporal logic to process specification. The approach has then been extended to the specification of generic software systems. Currently I am interested, in the scope of the FET project Sensoria, on applying service oriented computations in business process modelling, according to a Service Targeted Policy Oriented WorkfLow Approach (StPowla), which exploites Event-Condition-Action policy rules to select the services that implement the workflow in a flexible way.

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Proceedings of the 5th European Workshop on Software Process Technology '96.
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