Matteo Sammartino, PhD


Affiliation: University of Pisa, Computer Science Department
Address: Largo B. Pontecorvo 3
56127 Pisa, Italy
Room: 336
Phone: +39 050 2213117

Research Interests

  • Concurrency Theory
  • Categorical Semantics

  • Publications

  • R.Bruni, U.Montanari and M.Sammartino. Revisiting causality, coalgebraically. Accepted for Acta Informatica, 2014.(pdf)
  • V.Ciancia and M.Sammartino. A class of automata for the verification of infinite, resource-allocating behaviours. Accepted at TGC 2014.(pdf)
  • V.Ciancia and M.Sammartino. Nominal deterministic omega-automata. 2014. Accepted at MeMo 2014.(pdf)
  • U.Montanari and M.Sammartino. A network-conscious pi-calculus and its coalgebraic semantics. Theoretical Computer Science, 2014. (pdf)
  • V.Ciancia and M.Sammartino. A decidable class of (nominal) omega-regular languages over an infinite alphabet. CoRR, abs/1310.3945, 2013
  • M.Sammartino. A Network-Aware Process Calculus for Global Computing and its Categorical Framework. PhD thesis, University of Pisa, 2013. (pdf)
  • U.Montanari and M.Sammartino. Network Conscious pi-calculus: a Concurrent Semantics. In Proceedings of MFPS 2012.(pdf)

  • Projects

  • ASCENS (Autonomic Service-Component Ensembles)
  • IPODS (Interacting Processes in Open-ended Distributed Systems): PRIN MIUR project, coordinated by Roberto Bruni

  • Stuff

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