Curriculum Vitae

A copy of this CV is available for download in PDF and I am present on LinkedIn as well..

Personal Data


Bloomberg LP

Team Lead
News Engineering, London (UK)
January 2015∼June 2018

Summary — I lead the the News Search Experience team at Bloomberg in London. The focus of the team is on relevance and ranking of news searches; online and offline analytic for both internal and external customers; the experimentation, logs collection and processing; knowledge representation; and, more in general, anything that can get search quality better. The team is a good mix of strong engineers, relevance and machine learning people, and data science experts.

Before that, I also served as an individual contributor for a the team that was then diveded and spawned the one I lead. In such a role I mainly focused in the search relevance and qualitative measurement of it. — Microsoft ltd

Senior Software Development Engineer
Search Technology Center, London (UK)
November 2009∼December 2014

Summary — In my work at, I served in many different teams with the role of individual contributor (IC) and as a development leader (DL). I have been working in:

In all my roles at, I have been actively involved, in collaboration with Microsoft Research, in the research of new solution and techniques with a particular attention to temporal data analysis, NLP and compressed data structures.

Moreover, I have been coordinator of hiring for all the Bing office for atmost 3 years.

Senior Software Engineer R&D Office, Pisa (Italy)
October 2007∼July 2009

Summary — During my work at the R&D Office in Pisa, I worked on a variety of different projects. I was involved in both the Image and News search. In Image Search, I was involved in the image processing for feature extraction and engineering (face recognition, etc.). In News Search, I was involved in the crawling and reverse-templating/text-extraction parts of the system. Morover, I was involved in the development of the tools used for the 24/7 monitoring and alert of our distributed processing system.


Technical Skills

Software Projects

I love programming and I love learning new things. I do believe that the better and only way to learn is learning-by-doing. The following ones are some of the projects that I did, or that I am still doing, that were originated by for personal curiosity of study needs:

Teaching Activities

During my Ph.D. and internship at the Northeastern University, I had the occasion to be a teaching assistant and/or present topics to students during classes. The topics that I presented were:

Technical Writing

I do not run a blog, anyway, I like writing about technological topics and my "posts" can be found in the Documents section of this web-site.

Research Activity

During my Ph.D., my research area was the one of Wireless Sensors Networks. A list of publications can be found in the Publications section of this web-site.