Programs And Tools Section

In this section of my home page you will find some, hopefully, interesting and useful programs and libraries.
For each of them you will find information about the license terms for the use and redistribution of the downloaded stuff.

Statistics::OnLine - Pure Perl implementation of the on-line algorithm to produce statistics: This module implements a tool to perform statistic operations on large datasets which, typically, could not fit the memory of the machine, e.g. a stream of data from the network.

Algorithm::WordLevelStatistics - Pure Perl implementation of the "words level statistics" algorithm: This module implements the word level statistics algorithm as described in: P. Carpena, P. Bernaola-Galav, M. Hackenberg, A.V. Coronado and J.L. Oliver, "Level statistics of words: finding keywords in literary texts and DNA", Physical Review E 79, 035102-4 ( DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.79.035102 )

mswasm - Merge Source with ASM: a Perl script that merge assembly files with the relative source (tested only with gcc).

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